May 23, 2003

Another clean sweep for NewsChannel 8 in May

Portland, OR --Marked the completion of another strong ratings performance for KGW Northwest NewsChannel 8 according to Nielsen. May marked the sixth consecutive sweep KGW has won every news time period.

Continuing its four-year ascent, Northwest NewsChannel 8 won newscasts at Sunrise (5-7 am), as well as the 5 pm, 5:30 pm, 6 pm, & 11 pm weekday newscasts and every weekend newscast, as well.

6-7 am News May 2003 Share Difference
KGW 23 -----
KOIN 7 -70%
KATU 9 -61%
NewsChannel 8 @ Sunrise hit its highest share in seven years as Brenda Braxton, Russ Lewis and Dave Salesky celebrated their second year together.

Noon News
KGW (Noon-1) 17 ----
KOIN (Noon-12:30) 12 -29%
KATU (11a-Noon) 10 -41%
NewsChannel 8 @ Noon soared to new heights as the viewers' number one choice. The only hour-long mid-day newscast, with Brenda Braxton, Russ Lewis and Dave Salesky, increased its lead over its competitors again.

5 PM Weekdays
KGW 19 ----
KOIN 11 -42%
KATU 10 -47%
NewsChannel 8 @ 5 continued to be the top-rated newscast in the time period, increasing its lead once again over both competitors. The newscast is anchored by Joe Donlon and Tracy Barry. Chief Meteorologist Matt Zaffino does the weather.

5:30 PM Weekdays
KGW Nightly News 18 ----
KOIN Evening News 12 -33%
KATU Local News 10 -44%
Boosted by strong coverage of the Iraq War and its aftermath, Tom Brokaw widened his lead over both competitors.

6 pm Weekdays
KGW 15 ----
KOIN 10 -33%
KATU (World News Tonight) 13 -13%
In this usually hotly-contested time period, NewsChannel 8 @ 6, anchored by Joe Donlon and Tracy Barry, widened its overall lead over Peter Jennings.

6:30 pm Weekdays
KGW 13 ----
KOIN 10 -23%
KATU 11 -15%
NewsChannel 8 @ 6:30 widened its lead again. The newscast is anchored by Tracy Barry and Laural Porter.

11pm Weekdays
KGW 20 ----
KOIN 17 -15%
KATU 9 -55%
NewsChannel 8 @ 11, anchored by Joe Donlon and Laural Porter, continued its lead over all competitors.

7-9 am Weekdays
KGW The Today Show 18 ----
KOIN Early Show 5 -72%
KATU Good Morning America 12 -33%
Katie, Matt, Al and Ann extend their lead even more!

Prime time Weekdays
KGW (NBC) 17 ----
KOIN (CBS) 16 - 6%
KATU (ABC) 10 -41%
KPTV (FOX) 12 -29%
Even with reality television stunting by competitors, NBC led the pack once again.

"I am extremely proud of NewsChannel 8's performance both during the Iraq War, and in the May rating period. As this was the sixth straight sweep that KGW won every news time period, it's gratifying to know that our audience appreciates the hard work every employee has put into keeping us "Where the News Comes First," said KGW President and General Manager Paul Fry.

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