October 14, 2003

Belo Interactive audience-targeted ads outperform run-of-site campaign's 7x larger reach

Dallas, TX --An audience-targeted ad campaign for alocal home builder running on Belo Interactive's DallasNews.com has outperformed a run-of-site (ROS) campaign for the same advertiser - even though the ROS program had seven times greater reach.

The ROS campaign and audience-targeted campaigns ran simultaneously withtargeted ads served only to users who had visited the HomeCenter real estatesection of DallasNews.com in the past 30 days. The targeted ads were servedwhenever visitors returned to DallasNews.com even if they were outside thereal estate section. Using TACODA's Audience Management System to segment andtarget potential home buyers among previous visitors of the real estatesection of the Web site, the campaign effort achieved a response rate of 6.1%among the target audience. Moreover, while the ROS campaign's reach was seventimes that of the targeted campaign, the targeted campaign captured creatednearly 50% more click-throughs. In addition, during the targeted advertisingcampaign, the real estate Web site saw more than double the traffic.

This builds on earlier successes DallasNews.com had with Automotive andLeisure Travel advertisers. In the automotive category, a DallasNews.comprogram campaign for a Dallas/Fort Worth Mitsubishi dealer provided banneradvertising within the automotive section of DallasNews.com at the time of thesite visit. In addition, banners were delivered to customers who had visitedthe automotive section within the past 30 days, using TACODA's targetingcapabilities. These ads were served whenever visitors returned toDallasNews.com even if they were outside the automotive area. The responserate among the target audience was 7.7%, an improvement of 2200% over theindustry average click through rate of .33%. Moreover, the audience-targetedads doubled the number of credit applications the dealership received, andincreased the number of online searches by 17%. The dealership also reportedthat the DallasNews.com campaign generated 44% of the total calls into thedealership at a time when eight promotions were running in other media.

In the travel category, DallasNews.com supplemented contextually-relevantcontent advertising with ads targeted outside of the travel section tovisitors whose prior actions suggested a keen interest in the advertiser'smessage. The response rate at 8.15 percent was 2,400 percent higher thannational average. Those that responded to the online campaign generallypurchased a package within 10 days. In addition to increasing theadvertiser's reach and the campaign's effectiveness, audience-targeted adsincreased vacation package bookings by 50%, and revenue for the vacationbroker by 38%. Furthermore, by use of sophisticated tracking mechanisms, thevacation broker reported that the DallasNews.com campaign generated 40% of thetotal revenue in Dallas for the month of June. "The evidence that audience-targeted campaigns well outperform nearlyevery other form of online advertising continues to mount," says EricChristensen, vice president and general manager of Belo Interactive."Advertisers who have experienced these enhanced results are renewing fasterand at higher levels. We will continue to move into new ad categories withTACODA-based targeting as we build out audience ad-targeting services forauto, travel and now real estate."

Belo Interactive, the Internet subsidiary of Belo Corp., recentlyinstalled TACODA Systems' Audience Management System, giving its 34 Web sitessuch as KING5.com in Seattle, WA; projo.com, the Web site of The Providence(RI) Journal, and KMOV.com in St. Louis, MO the ability to track and measureonline audience demographic and geographic information, behavioral patternsand visitation trends. By integrating Belo Interactive's customerregistration database with TACODA Systems' AMS, Belo Interactive sites canqualify audience value to national and local advertisers and create custom,targeted advertising campaigns that deliver a specific message to a definedaudience segment.

About Belo Interactive
Belo Interactive is the Internet subsidiary of Dallas-based Belo Corp.,one of the nation's largest media companies with a diversified group ofmarket-leading television, newspaper, cable and interactive media assets. AFortune 1000 company with approximately 7,800 employees and $1.4 billion inannual revenues, Belo operates news and information franchises in some ofAmerica's most dynamic markets and regions, including Texas, the Northwest,the Southwest, Rhode Island, and the Mid-Atlantic region. Belo owns19 television stations (six in the top 16 markets) reaching 13.7 percent ofU.S. television households; owns or operates nine cable news channels; andmanages one television station through a local marketing agreement. Belopublishes four daily newspapers: The Dallas Morning News, The ProvidenceJournal, The Press- Enterprise (Riverside, CA) and the Denton Record-Chronicle (Denton, TX). Belo Interactive's new media businesses include 34 Web sites,several interactive alliances, and a broad range of Internet-based products.Additional information is available online at http://www.belointeractive.com .For more information, contact Linda Fisk, Vice President/Audience Developmentand Management, at 214-977-4017.