December 1, 2003

KING 5 scores a historic 5PM news victory in the Nov 2003 Sweep

Seattle, WA -- There's been another set of record-breaking performances for both KING 5 and KONG 6/16 during the November 2003 Nielsen ratings sweep. KING 5 wins yet another sweep by a historic margin, KING 5 NEWS at 5PM becomes the highest-rated major-market 5PM newscast in the country, and KING 5 NEWS at 10PM on KONG 6/16 finishes number one for news Monday-Sunday at 10PM with its highest ratings ever.

KING 5's Monday-Sunday 6A-2A 6.1 rating/16 share in the November 2003 sweep surpasses both KOMO-4 (4.3/11) and KIRO 7 (4.3/11) by +42% in rating, which is the largest margin of victory ever during a November sweep in Western Washington.* This comes on the heels of historic overall margins of victory for KING 5 in both the February and May 2003 sweeps.

At 5PM - and for the first time ever - KING 5 NEWS at 5PM M-F scores the highest news rating for 5PM local newscasts in the top twenty markets in the country. KING 5 finishes with an 11.9/24 from 5-6PM, with KCRA-Sacramento (11.8/22) finishing in second place and WPVI-Philadelphia (11.5/22) placing third.

On KONG 6/16, KING 5 NEWS at 10PM wins the 10PM news contest on both a Monday-Friday and a Monday-Sunday basis for the first time ever in a major sweep. KONG 6/16 is number one for news at 10PM M-F (3.9/7, +15% from Nov. 2002), with KCPQ-13 (3.1/5, +11%) in second place and KSTW-11 (1.5/3, news did not run in Nov. 2002) in third. KONG 6/16 also wins the 10PM news race M-SU (3.6/6, +13%), with KCPQ-13 (3.3/6, +3%) and KSTW-11 (1.5/3) again trailing. KING 5 NEWS at 10PM on KONG 6/16 also posts its highest-ever ratings in the November 2003 sweep, with its M-F 3.9/7 and M-SU 3.6/6 both surpassing previous record highs set in the May 2002 sweep (M-F: 3.8/7; M-SU: 3.5/6).

KING 5 NEWS at 11PM M-SU (9.3/21, +16% from Nov. 2002) finishes with the highest 11PM news rating in a November sweep for any Seattle television station since the November 1996 sweep. Second-place KIRO-7 (7.5/17, +14%) benefits from a greatly improved CBS primetime lineup but still cannot match the +16% year-to-year ratings growth of KING 5. KOMO-4 (5.6/13, +4%) again places a distant third.

* This is the 26th consecutive major sweep (November, February and May) that KING 5 NEWS at 11PM M-SU has won its time period, dating back to the February 1995 sweep.

KING 5 NEWS at 6:30PM M-F (10.5/19, +2%) is once again the only 6:30PM newscast to post growth versus a year ago. In fact, excluding February 2003 comparisons to the Olympics-inflated February 2002 book, KING 5's 6:30PM news has registered year-to-year growth in each of the past eight major sweeps, dating back to February 2001. By contrast, KOMO-4 (6.2/11, -26%) and KIRO-7 (3.9/7, -22%) both record steep declines, and each station finishes with their lowest-ever November sweep ratings for 6:30PM news.*

* This is the 22nd major sweep out of the past 23 that KING 5 NEWS at 6:30PM M-F has won its time period, dating back to the May 1996 sweep.

KING 5 NEWS at 5PM M-F (11.9/24, +7%) scores the highest rating for any local newscast in Seattle since the February 1997 sweep. KING 5's 5PM news has achieved year-to-year gains in each of the last ten major sweeps, dating back to November 2000. KOMO-4 (7.1/14, -12%) and KIRO-7 (4.8/10, -11%) both finish with their lowest-ever November sweep ratings for 5PM news.*

* This is the 38th major sweep out of the past 39 that KING 5 NEWS at 5PM M-F has won its time period, dating back to the February 1991 sweep

KING 5 Morning News at 5AM (3.1/23, +19%) records its highest rating in eight years during the November 2003 sweep. KING 5's 5AM news not only surpasses the combined 5AM ratings of KOMO-4 (1.5/11, +7%) and KIRO-7 (1.5/11, -17%), it also easily beats the individual 6AM ratings of KOMO-4 (2.7/14, -7%), KIRO-7 (2.1/11, -22%) and KCPQ-13 (1.5/8, +50%). KING 5 Morning News at 6AM (4.4/22, -15%) once again dominates its time period with a +63% advantage over second place.

The growth story continues on weekend mornings, with KING 5 News Saturday Morning posting dramatic gains from both 6-8AM (4.2/22, +31%) and 8-10AM (5.9/17, +11%). KING 5 News Sunday Morning from 7-10AM (5.3/18, +13%) is also up substantially. KING 5's weekend morning newscasts each deliver more audience than any of the competitions' local or network morning newscasts that run on weekdays.

* This is the 42nd consecutive major sweep that KING 5 MORNING NEWS at 6AM has won its time period, dating back to the November 1989 sweep.

Evening Magazine (7.4/13, +1%) remains in first place at 7PM, finishing with its highest non-Olympics sweep rating since November 2001. Second-place Wheel of Fortune (7.2/13, -21%) on KOMO-4 and fourth-place Friends (4.7/8, -27%) on KCPQ-13 both experience sharp year-to-year declines, while Entertainment Tonight (6.1/11, +27%) on KIRO-7 moves up to third place but still finishes more than a full rating point behind Evening. KONG 6/16's Inside Edition (1.1/2, even) remains steady with last November.

Dr. Phil (6.1/18, -15%) again dominates the 3PM time period, just as it has in every sweep since its phenomenal debut on KING 5 last summer. Dr. Phil surpasses the rating for second-place KOMO-4's Northwest Afternoon (3.4/10, +17%) by a substantial +79% margin in rating. KIRO-7's new "justice" block of Judge Joe Brown and Texas Justice (1.6/5, -30%) records significant losses from year-ago Montel Williams.

* Dr. Phil easily surpasses the combined KOMO-KIRO competition (6.1 vs. 5.0).

Oprah (9.3/23, +9%) has delivered her largest November sweep rating at 4PM on KING 5 since November 1996. KOMO-4's combination of Millionaire and Pyramid (4.2/10, +2%) finishes in a distant second place, and KIRO-7's Judge Judy (2.7/7, -40%) again experiences sharp declines versus the year-ago sweep.

* Oprah easily surpasses the combined KOMO-KIRO competition (9.3 vs. 6.9).

Today (5.2/20, -5%) remains Western Washington's most watched 7AM network morning news program. KOMO-4's Good Morning America (3.3/13, -3%) stays in a distant second place, and KIRO-7 logs substantial year-to-year declines while again finishing in a distant third place with 7 Live This Morning and CBS's Early Show (1.9/8, -24%). KCPQ-13's Q13 Morning News (1.8/7, +38%) remains in fourth place.

* This is the 35th time out of the past 36 major sweeps that Today has won its time period, dating back to the November 1991 sweep.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (5.6/18, +17%) has its highest-ever November sweep rating on KING 5 in the decade-old Jay Leno era. KIRO-7's Late Show with David Letterman (4.7/15, +34%) is in second place, and KOMO-4's Nightline (2.8/8, even) remains in third weeknights at 11:35PM.

In other late night results, Late Night with Conan O'Brien (3.0/15, +36%) remains dominant on weeknights at 12:35AM, also scoring its highest November rating ever on KING 5 (tied with Nov 1995), and Saturday Night Live (6.6/21, +14%) again posts growth while continuing to dominate its 11:35PM-1:05AM time period.

* This is the 25th consecutive major sweep that The Tonight Show has won its time period, dating back to the November 1995 sweep.

Hollywood Squares (7.1/12, -8%) finishes in first place again at 7:30PM, beating KOMO-4's Jeopardy! (6.9/12, -20%) for the second major sweep in a row. KIRO-7's Access Hollywood (6.0/10, +22%) is in third place, and KCPQ-13's Friends (5.1/9, -20%) slips one notch to fourth place, losing more than full rating point from last November. KONG 6/16's Extra (1.4/2, even) remains level with its year-ago figure.

KING 5/NBC Primetime (M-SA/8-11PM, SU/7-11PM)

KING 5's rating for NBC Primetime programming remains one of the strongest in the country, maintaining its audience share from a year ago:

Nov '02 Nov '03 Share Change
KING 5 Prime 11.0/18 10.8/18 Even
NBC Network Prime 8.6/15 7.6/12 -3 shr pts
KING 5 is once again home to the majority of the most-watched shows in Western Washington, placing 8 of the top 15 primetime programs during the November 2003 sweep:

#1 CSI, KIRO 7 (CBS) Thu 9P 27.5/41
#2 Friends, KING 5 (NBC) Thu 8P 22.6/34
#3 Survivor, KIRO 7 (CBS) Thu 8P 20.0/29
#4 ER, KING 5 (NBC) Thu 10P 18.7/32 #5 Will & Grace, KING 5 (NBC) Thu 9P 16.3/24
#5 Frasier, KING 5 (NBC) Tue 9P 16.3/24
#7 CSI: Miami, KIRO 7 (CBS) Mon 10P 16.1/28
#8 Law & Order, KING 5 (NBC) Wed 10P 15.9/28
#9 Everybody Loves Raymond, KIRO 7 (CBS) Mon 9P 15.2/22 #10 West Wing, KING 5 (NBC) Wed 9P 14.3/22
#11 Without a Trace, KIRO 7 (CBS) Thu 10P 13.5/23
#12 Two and A Half Men, KIRO 7 (CBS) Mon 9:30P 12.8/19
#13 Law & Order: CI, KING 5 (NBC) Sun 9P 12.4/19
#14 Scrubs, KING 5 (NBC) Thu 9:30P 12.1/18
#15 Judging Amy, KIRO 7 (CBS) Tue 9P 11.4/21
#15 8 Simple Rules..., KOMO 4 (ABC) Tue 8P 11.4/18

(Ranking based on regular programming that ran at least two weeks in the November 2003 sweep - does not include sports or specials)

KONG 6/16 Primetime (M-SA 8-10PM/SU 7-10PM)

KONG 6/16's delivers a 2.7/4 for primetime in the November 2003 sweep, a +8% rating increase from last November's 2.5/4. By contrast, KONG 6/16's two primary competitors - UPN affiliate KSTW-11 (1.9/3, -27%) and WB affiliate KTWB-22 (3.0/5, -9%) - both register sharp year-to-year declines in primetime.

Now showing the same broadcasts each night as KING 5 does in the afternoon, KONG 6/16's M-F 9PM airing of Oprah Winfrey (3.4/5, +42%) has registered immediate and substantial year-to-year gains, finishing with by far its highest-ever 9PM rating on KONG. Dr. Phil at 8PM (2.4/4, +4%) is also up versus year-ago results.

*KING 5 has Nielsen records that date back to the November 1968 sweep.

Ratings data based on measurable in-home viewing statistics from the Seattle/Tacoma Designated Market Area (DMA) for the period of October 30, 2003 to November 26, 2003, as measured and defined by Nielsen Media Research.

Rating is percent of all homes with television watching a particular program; share is percent of homes with the television in use watching a particular program.

One household rating point equals approximately 16,600 homes in the Seattle/Tacoma DMA.

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