February 23, 2004

Award-winning student art on display at Alperts Furniture Showplace

Seekonk, MA -- The award-winning artwork of more than 200 local middle, junior high and high school students will be displayed February 8th through 29th at Alperts Furniture Showplace, Route 6, in Seekonk, Mass. The exhibit, open to the public during Alperts regular business hours, showcases the artistic work of this year's Rhode Island Scholastic Art Award winners.

The Providence Journal, in cooperation with the Rhode Island Art Education Association (RIAEA) and community partner Alperts Furniture Showplace, once again sponsored this annual art competition for middle, junior high and high school students in Rhode Island's parochial, private and public schools. The artwork was judged by area professional artists, graphic designers and retired art educators.

In March, the local winners' artwork will be forwarded to New York for the national competition, judged by The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers.

Here are the 2004 Rhode Island Scholastic Art Award winners whose work is on display:

Aldrich Junior High School
Hannah Anderson, Silver Key, Printmaking
Sean Doherty, Silver Key, Printmaking
Emily Sangster, Silver Key, Painting
Stephanie Swain, Silver Key, Mixed Media
Abbey Verrier, Silver Key, Mixed Media

Bain Middle School
Amanda DeQuattro, Gold Key, Printmaking
Jesse Lowell, Silver Key, Drawing
Stephanie Murphy, Silver Key, Mixed Media

Barrington High School
Bonnie Briant, Silver Key, Mixed Media
Jeremy Cousins, Silver Key, Sculpture
Jeremy Cousins, Gold Key, Painting
Chase Crawford, Gold Key, Sculpture
Jax DeCoster, American Visions, Drawing
Katie Healy, Gold Key, Ceramics & Glass
Heather Liu, American Visions, Sculpture
Valerie Luks, Gold Key, Drawing
Christopher Sheppard, Silver Key, Drawing
Julia Whistler, Silver Key, Sculpture

Bishop Hendricken High School
Jeffrey Bedard, Gold Key, Drawing
Scott Hefferman, Gold Key, Drawing
Christopher Marquis, Silver Key, Drawing

Broad Rock Middle School
Jennifer Bannon, Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass

Calcutt Middle School
Maiking Marte, Silver Key, Drawing
Juan Pena, Gold Key, Drawing

Central Falls High School
Pedro Hernandez, Silver Key, Painting
Wendy Ibanez, Silver Key, Sculpture
Kayla Rabbitt, Silver Key, Product Design

Chariho Regional High School
Nicole Kennedy, Gold Key, Drawing
Priscilla Mongeau, Silver Key, Painting

Cole Junior High School
Jason Green, Silver Key, Printmaking
Michael Jozefowicz, Gold Key, Mixed Media
Ross Kaplan, Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass
Fallon Reilly, Gold Key, Mixed Media

Coventry High School
Alex Carr, American Visions, Mixed Media
Sarah Cinquegrana, Silver Key, Drawing
Alysha Coppola, Silver Key, Drawing
Lauren Killea, Gold Key, Sculpture
Aline Sponholz, Silver Key, Painting

Cranston High School East
Rebecca Cohen, Silver Key, Drawing
Rebecca Cohen, Gold Key, Fine Arts Portfolio
Danielle Cohen, Gold Key, Graphic Design
Daniel Forlasto, Gold Key, Drawing
Daniel Forlasto, Gold Key, Fine Arts Portfolio
Emerson Greenesmith, Silver Key, Drawing
Sarah Kittredge, Gold Key, Fine Arts Portfolio
Jared Lafond, American Visions, Drawing
James Rachels, Gold Key, Fine Arts Portfolio
Vanessa Rundlett, Silver Key, Drawing
Mike Strayer, Silver Key, Painting
Nicole Tella, Silver Key, Product Design

Cranston High School West
Melanie Chiv, Silver Key, Drawing
Heather DellaPosta, Silver Key, Painting
Danielle Dodge, Silver Key, Painting
Stefani McMillan, Gold Key, Drawing
Laura Pagano, Silver Key, Painting
Jamie Potvin, Gold Key, Drawing
Zakia Zubar, Gold Key, Drawing
Zakia Zubar, Gold Key, Fine Arts Portfolio

Cumberland High School
Melissa Pielech, Silver Key, Painting

Davisville Middle School
Alexa Mazur, Silver Key, Product Design

East Greenwich High School
David Carbone, Gold Key, Photography Portfolio
Christina DeOrchis, Gold Key, Painting
Sarah Glover, Silver Key, Photography
Whitney Hassett, Gold Key, Photography Portfolio
Shannon Houle, Gold Key, Photography
Rachael Wang, Silver Key, Drawing

East Providence High School
Richmond Jeffrey, Silver Key, Drawing
Darko Krsulic, Gold Key, Sculpture
Nick McLaughlin, Silver Key, Sculpture
Byron Olson, Silver Key, Drawing
Erika Tucker, Silver Key, Drawing
Tiffany Visinho, Gold Key, Sculpture
Jessica Wilmot, Gold Key, Drawing

Exeter-W est Greenwich Regional High School
Katie Clarke, Gold Key, Drawing
Kristen Courtemanche, Silver Key, Painting
Eric Fulford, Silver Key, Drawing
Katie Heaton, Gold Key, Painting
Megan Wright, Gold Key, Ceramics & Glass

Good Shepherd Regional Junior High School
Britany St. Sauveur, Silver Key, Painting

Gorton Junior High School
Aimee Bishop, Silver Key, Painting
Ashley Lamphere, Silver Key, Painting
Jonathan Maloney, Silver Key, Sculpture

Hope High School
Lucy Ayuso, Silver Key, Drawing
Danny Khim, Silver Key, Drawing

Kickemuit Middle School
Matthew DaCosta, Silver Key, Painting

La Salle Academy
Cara Blaine, Gold Key, Painting
Alessio Cappelletti, Gold Key, Photography Portfolio
William Castellucci, Silver Key, Drawing
Jason Perez, Gold Key, Fine Arts Portfolio
Jason Perez, Gold Key, Photography Portfolio

Lincoln High School
Matt Jablecki, Silver Key, Drawing

Lincoln School
Soa Carey, Gold Key, Painting
Leah Humphrey, Silver Key, Painting
Chuyen Huynh, Silver Key, Drawing
Chuyen Huynh, Gold Key, Painting
Gaibrielle Mock, Gold Key, Painting
Kathryn Prescott, Silver Key, Digital Imagery
Erica Tronstad, Silver Key, Painting

Martin Middle School
Keila Miranda, Silver Key, Sculpture

Middletown High School
Kathryn Chamberlin, Silver Key, Drawing
Maggie Drayton, Silver Key, Photography
Kristina Ebbitt, Gold Key, Photography Portfolio
Holly Reed, Silver Key, Painting
Alyssa Taft, Silver Key, Drawing
Michelle Wright, Silver Key, Painting

Moses Brown School
Sara D'Apolito-Dworkin, Gold Key, Painting
Robert Gordon-Fogelson, Silver Key, Sculpture
Ryan Messier, Silver Key, Photography
Allegra Sharff, Gold Key, Ceramics & Glass
Jeffrey Smith, Gold Key, Fine Arts Portfolio
Willem Van Lancker, Silver Key, Graphic Design
Willem Van Lancker, Silver Key, Graphic Design

Mount Hope High School
Mia Dady, Silver Key, Drawing
Valerie Seefried, Gold Key, Sculpture

Mount St. Charles Academy
Mia Downes, Gold Key, Mixed Media
Kristen Ward, Silver Key, Drawing
Elizabeth Zeibig, Silver Key, Painting

North Cumberland Middle School
Cindy Marszalkowski, Gold Key, Painting

North Kingstown High School
Samantha Alger, Silver Key, Photography
Amanda Brooks, Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass
Sok Hardiman, Silver Key, Digital Imagery
Kaitlin Switzer, Gold Key, Sculpture
Heather Tatro, Silver Key, Photography

North Providence High School
Ashley MacLure, Gold Key, Painting
Ashley MacLure, Silver Key, Painting

Our Lady Of Fatima High School
Lauren Koger, Gold Key, Drawing

Park View Middle School
Carol Cherico, Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass
Sarah Tomasso, Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass

Pilgrim High School
Frederick Acquaro, Silver Key, Computer Art
Sarah Chamberlain, Silver Key, Product Design
Matthew Giossi, Silver Key, Drawing
Christopher Menard, Gold Key, Sculpture
Meghan Robinson, Gold Key, Drawing
Timothy Thao, Silver Key, Drawing

Ponaganset High School
Jesse Payne, Silver Key, Graphic Design
Jesse Payne, Silver Key, Sculpture
Ariana Saccoccio, Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass

Portsmouth High School
Luyi Huang, Silver Key, Drawing
Anne Incze, Silver Key, Sculpture
Gabriel Varela, Jr., Gold Key, Drawing

Providence Country Day School
Ian Ahern, Silver Key, Drawing
Emily Bogan, Silver Key, Drawing
Natalie Salk, Gold Key, Mixed Media

RISD Young Artists Program
Claire Amirault, Silver Key, Drawing
William Castellucci, Silver Key, Drawing
Sara D'Apolito-Dworkin, Silver Key, Drawing
Noah Donoghue, Silver Key, Digital Imagery
Benjamin Hines, Gold Key, Sculpture
Zong Lee, Gold Key, Drawing
Zong Lee, Gold Key, Drawing
Katerina Novak, Silver Key, Painting
Kaia Simmons, Silver Key, Drawing
Sophie Stevenson, Gold Key, Ceramics & Glass
Eric Stiner, Gold Key, Painting
Kai Strom-Weber, Gold Key, Painting
Brianna Tassoni, Silver Key, Sculpture
Jace Underbaggage, Silver Key, Drawing

School One
Michael DiPietro, American Visions, Photography
Natalie Roy, Gold Key, Photography

Scituate High School
Catherine Choquette, Silver Key, Sculpture
Carlye Crosby, Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass
Ayla Durst, Gold Key, Drawing

Scituate Middle School
Jeffrey Bourassa, Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass

Smithfield High School
Ashley Parker, Silver Key, Product Design
Tracy Shaw, Silver Key, Sculpture

St. Andrew's School
Sonia Berry, Silver Key, Painting
Johnny Wells, Silver Key, Printmaking

St. George's School
Bret Barker, Gold Key, Sculpture
Emily Lee, Silver Key, Drawing
Emily Lee, Gold Key, Drawing
Emily McGinnis, Silver Key, Drawing

St. Mary Academy-Bay View
Bianca Viticonte-Engle, Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass
Jessica Langella, Gold Key, Mixed Media
Jessica Langella, Gold Key, Fine Arts Portfolio
Courtney Murtha, Gold Key, Ceramics & Glass
Katherine Nixon, Gold Key, Drawing
Katie Parella, Silver Key, Sculpture
Meghan Self, Gold Key, Drawing
Kelsey Thetonia, Silver Key, Drawing
Kathryn Warrington, Gold Key, Ceramics & Glass
Carla Weaver, Gold Key, Drawing

The Prout School
Gretchen Neff, Gold Key, Painting

The Wheeler School
Ariele Affigne, Silver Key, Photography
Jon Cooper, Silver Key, Mixed Media
Emily Coxe, Gold Key, Fine Arts Portfolio
Erica Kreuter, Silver Key, Photography
Hannah Meszaros-Martin, Silver Key, Photography
Katherine Powers, Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass
Felicia Ricci, Silver Key, Painting
Bradford Yates, Gold Key, Painting

Tiverton High School
Desiree Bucko, Gold Key, Drawing
Courtney Cartin, Gold Key, Fine Arts Portfolio
Courtney Cartin, Gold Key, Drawing
Ashley Gmitra, Gold Key, Ceramics & Glass
Randy Lebeau, Gold Key, Fine Arts Portfolio
Catherine Lynch, Silver Key, Mixed Media
Catherine Lynch, Silver Key, Printmaking
Katie Medeiros, Silver Key, Sculpture
Alyssa Wood, Gold Key, Photography

Toll Gate High School
Matt Groff, Gold Key, Sculpture
Katerina Novak, Silver Key, Painting

Warwick Veterans Memorial High School
Alexis Avedisian, Gold Key, Painting
Alexis Avedisian, Silver Key, Mixed Media
Faye Kennelly, Silver Key, Mixed Media
Jennifer Mulligan, Silver Key, Sculpture
Justin Sirois, Silver Key, Sculpture
Justin Sirois, Silver Key, Drawing
Jeanne Walser, Silver Key, Sculpture
Dennin Winser, Gold Key, Drawing

Western Hills Middle School
Jeff DeLuca, Silver Key, Printmaking
Alex Haskins, Silver Key, Graphic Design
Stephanie Patriarca, Silver Key, Printmaking
Christopher Ruggieri, Gold Key, Mixed Media

Woonsocket High School
Kimberley Lee, Gold Key, Drawing
Sarah Martin, Gold Key, Fine Arts Portfolio
Jan Schusswohl, Gold Key, Drawing

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