March 18, 2004

Belo launches an improved and easier-to-navigate Intranet

Dallas, TX -- Welcome to the new Belo Intranet.

Employees across the Company have worked hard to get our redesigned site up and running to create an Intranet that is by, of and for Belo employees. We conducted focus groups to determine what information, applications and features are most important to you, and to organize this data in a way that makes it easier to find.

We put more control of the information on the Intranet in the hands of those who use it, enabling individual departments to post information and applications directly. As a result, the new Intranet is timelier, more useful and can evolve quickly based on your ongoing input. We want the Intranet to be a tool that you use every day, one that makes your job easier.

Toward this end, weve also made the Intranet accessible remotely. Simply go to and look for the Employee Login feature at the bottom of the home page. You must know your login info to access the Intranet remotely.

Logging in will also enable you to enjoy a more customized Intranet experience, as some of the information displayed when you visit the Intranet will be based on your specific location or role within the company.

Its always a little harder to find things the first time you visit a Web site. So, in the Quick Links section on the Intranet home page, the Find It Fast! feature offers links to specific features and content across the site.

One last thing: our Intranet will never be finished, because our business will always be changing, and your needs as employees will continue to change. We intend to build on the elements of the Intranet that you use most and add new features based on your recommendations. Some of the best information that's not on our Intranet is the information in your head -- so share it.

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