May 20, 2004

Belo's Information Security division offers a solution to fighting spam

Our anti-spam solution now offers a feature for Outlook users that allows you to easily mark the spam that was able to get through. To install the plug-in follow these directions.

  1. Save this zip file to your desktop
  2. Close Outlook
  3. Open the zip file
  4. Click the "install" icon in the toolbar at the top
  5. Follow the on screen directions
  6. When the installation completes delete the zip file
  7. Launch Outlook

In Outlook you will see a new toolbar. When you receive a spam message select or open the message and click the "this is spam" icon and follow the on screen prompts.

The "quarantine" icon allows you to see the messages that have been blocked for you. This requires your e-mail address and intranet password for authentication.

Spam F.A.Q.