May 27, 2004

KING 5 dominates the May 2004 sweep with the largest margin of victory ever

Seattle, WA -- KING 5 has finished the May 2004 sweep in its strongest market position ever.

KING 5's 6A-2A Monday-Sunday 5.7 rating/16 share during the May 2004 sweep surpasses second-place KIRO-7's 3.5/10 by +63% in rating. This represents the largest margin of victory ever recorded by Nielsen during any non-Olympics sweep in Western Washington, easily breaking the previous record of +53% set by KING 5 exactly one year ago during the May 2003 sweep. In fact, the top five margins of victory over second place in major non-Olympics sweeps have been set by KING 5 over the course of the past five sweeps, dating back to February 2003.*

KING 5's powerful May results reflect broad strength across its schedule with traditional first-place finishes for every broadcast of KING 5 NEWS, including the highest 11PM news rating since 1996 - as well as top-ranked performances for programs in the morning ("Today"), in the afternoon ("Oprah," "Dr. Phil"), and in the evening ("Tonight," "Conan O'Brien," "Saturday Night Live"). In addition, KONG 6/16 enjoyed the highest 10PM news rating ever.

KING 5's schedule of NBC primetime programs also finishes in first place for both the May sweep and the just-completed 2003-04 television season. KING 5 was home to 17 of the top 30 primetime shows during the past season more than one-half of the most popular shows in Western Washington, even with each home receiving an average of more than 60 channels. Additionally, KING 5's season-long primetime rating (10.0) remains comfortably in first place and increases from last year's rating (9.9), even though NBC's network ratings declined year-to-year nationally and finished in second place overall. KING 5 consistently delivers some of NBC's highest local market ratings in the country, including the highest rating in the country for the "Friends" finale (39.9/53) during the May 2004 sweep.

KING 5 NEWS at 11PM M-SU (9.7/22, +5% from May 2003) has the highest rating for any M-SU 11PM newscast in a non-Olympics sweep in eight years. Second-place KIRO-7 (6.5/15, +3%) finishes more than three full rating points behind KING 5. KOMO-4 (4.3/10, -12%) places a distant third.

* KING 5 NEWS at 11PM M-SU has led its time period since 1995.

KING 5 NEWS at 10PM M-SU on KONG 6/16 (3.7/6, +19%) finishes with its highest M-SU rating ever, and logs the most year-to-year growth for any 10PM or 11PM newscast. The 10PM news ratings are separated by only one-half of a rating point (KCPQ-13: 4.2/7, +11%), even though KONG 6/16's 9:45PM lead-in (2.1/3) is less than one-third of KCPQ-13's "American Idol"-boosted 9:45PM FOX network lead-in (7.0/11).

* KING 5 NEWS at 10PM is one of the highest-rated newscasts on an independent station in the country

KING 5 NEWS at 6:30PM (8.3/16, -3%) convincingly wins the 6:30PM time period again. In fact, KING 5 has a rating nearly the equivalent of the combined ratings of KOMO-4 (5.0/10, -4%) and KIRO-7 (3.4/7, +10%). KOMO-4 finishes with its lowest-ever major sweep rating for 6:30PM news.

*KING 5 NEWS at 6:30PM has led its time period since 1996.

KING 5 NEWS at 5PM (9.4/21, -1%) remains one of the highest-rated major-market 5PM newscasts in the country, equaling the combined ratings of KOMO-4 (5.1/11, -4%) and KIRO-7 (4.3/10, +16%).

*KING 5 NEWS at 5PM has led its time period since 1991.

KING 5 Morning News at 6AM (4.5/21, -2%) has been the morning news leader for 15 years, easily surpassing the 6AM ratings of KOMO-4 (2.5/12, -7%), KIRO-7 (2.4/11, even) and KCPQ-13 (1.5/7, +15%). KING 5 Morning News at 5AM (3.4/23, +55%) logs by far the most year-to-year growth for any local newscast during the May 2004 sweep. KING 5's 5AM news not only easily surpasses the combined 5AM ratings of KIRO-7 (1.7/12, +31%) and KOMO-4 (1.5/10, +7%), it also handily beats the individual 6AM ratings of KOMO-4, KIRO-7, and KCPQ-13, even though it airs an hour earlier when fewer homes are watching television.
KING 5 News Saturday Morning also dominates from both 6-8AM (4.6/22, +15%) and 8-10AM (5.2/17, -15%), as does KING 5 News Sunday Morning from 7-10AM (5.2/18, +6%). KING 5's weekend morning newscasts each deliver more audience than any of the competitions' weekday local or network morning newscasts.

* KING 5 MORNING NEWS at 6AM has led its time period since 1989.

KING 5 Noon News (5.7/21, +21%) had a stellar sweep, finishing with its highest rating since 1996. KOMO-4's 11AM news (3.6/14, -28%) and KIRO-7's noon newscast (2.1/8, -25%) both suffer sharp declines from year-ago figures.

"Evening Magazine" (5.9/11, -8%) at 7PM finishes a competitive second during the most hotly-contested half-hour of the day. In a time period featuring the strongest syndicated programming in the country ("Wheel of Fortune," "Entertainment Tonight," "Friends," "Everybody Loves Raymond," and "That 70's Show") as well as some of the highest-rated programs on cable (Mariners baseball on Fox Sports, "Law & Order" on TNT, "Seinfeld" on TBS, "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central, "NewsNight" on CNN, etc.), "Evening" continues to outpace every other 7PM program on the air, save for KOMO-4's older-skewing "Wheel of Fortune."

*"Evening" is the highest-rated daily local magazine program in the country.

"Dr. Phil" (6.2/20, +5%) again dominates the 3PM time period, more than doubling the rating of second-place KOMO-4's "Northwest Afternoon" (2.2/7, -31%). KIRO-7's "Judge Joe Brown" and "Texas Justice" combination (1.5/5, -12%) records more significant losses from the year-ago "Montel Williams" performance.

*"Dr. Phil" easily surpasses the combined KOMO-KIRO competition (6.2 vs. 3.7).

"Oprah" (8.6/23, +8%) at 4PM finishes tied with May 1997 for its highest May rating in a decade, since May 1994's 8.8 rating. KIRO-7's "Judge Judy" (3.1/8, +19%) is now in second place, while KOMO-4's "Millionaire"/ "Pyramid combo" (3.0/8, -21%) slides to third place.

* "Oprah" easily surpasses the combined KOMO-KIRO competition (8.6 vs. 6.1).

"Today" (5.2/20, -5%) at 7AM has been Western Washington's most-watched morning news program since 1992. KOMO-4's second-place "Good Morning America" (2.8/11, -26%) declines sharply from last year, while KIRO-7's combination of "7 Live This Morning" and CBS's "Early Show" (2.0/8, +21%) remains in third place. KCPQ-13's "Q13 Morning News" (1.9/7, +27%) is in a distant fourth place.

*"Today" easily surpasses the combined KOMO-KIRO competition (5.2 vs. 4.8)

"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" (5.8/19, even) has its highest-ever May rating on KING 5 in the decade-old Jay Leno era (tied with last May). KIRO-7's Late Show with David Letterman (4.2/14, +24%) is in second place, and KOMO-4's Nightline (2.2/6, -19%) remains in third weeknights at 11:35PM.

"Late Night with Conan O'Brien" (3.0/14, +7%) and "Saturday Night Live" (7.2/23, +4%) also remain comfortably in first place in their respective late-night time periods.

*"The Tonight Show" has led its time period since 1995.

KING 5/NBC Primetime

KING 5 wins both the May 2004 sweep (10.5/17, even) and the 2003-04 season (10.0/17, +1% from 2002-03) in primetime, even as the national season-long rating for NBC primetime declines slightly and finishes in second place. KING 5 also had the highest ratings in the country during the May 2004 sweep for both the "Friends" finale (39.9/53) and the miniseries "10.5" (22.0/34).

During the 2003-04 season KING 5/NBC had an amazing 17 of the top 30 primetime shows in Western Washington. The next highest total was KIRO-7/CBS with 9 of the top 30.

2003-04 Primetime Season Results Seattle-Tacoma DMA
9/22/03-5/26/04 programs with at least six episodes

#1"CSI" KIRO, Thu 9PM23.1/34
#2"Survivor: All Stars" KIRO, Thu 8PM20.0/29
#3 "Survivor: Pearl Islands" KIRO, Thu 8PM19.9/29
#4"Friends" KING, Thu 9PM19.4/29
#5"The Apprentice" KING, Thu 9PM18.8/28
#6"American Idol Tuesday" KCPQ, Tue 8PM17.4/26
#7"E.R." KING, Thu 10PM17.0/29
#8"American Idol Wednesday" KCPQ, Wed 8:30PM16.1/25
#9T"Law & Order" KING, Wed 10PM15.2/27
#9T"Will & Grace" KING, Thu 8:30PM15.2/22
#11T"Frasier" KING, Tue 9PM13.8/21
#11T"CSI: Miami" KIRO, Mon 10PM13.8/24
#13"Without a Trace" KIRO, Thu 10PM13.3/23
#14T"West Wing" KING, Wed 9PM12.8/20
#14T"Law & Order: CI" KING, Sun 9PM12.8/19
#16"Everybody Loves Raymond" KIRO, Mon 9PM12.7/19
#17"Average Joe" KING, Mon 10PM11.7/20
#18"Two and a Half Men" KIRO, Mon 9:30PM11.1/17
#19"Law & Order: SVU" KING, Tue 10PM11.0/19
#20T"Las Vegas" KING, Mon 9PM10.9/17
#20T"Cold Case" KIRO, Sun 8PM10.9/16
#22T"Crossing Jordan" KING, Sun 10PM10.7/19
#22T"My Big Fat Fiance" KCPQ, Mon 9PM10.7/16
#24"Scrubs" KING, Tue 9:30PM10.6/18
#25"60 Minutes" KIRO, Sun 7PM10.5/17
#26"Average Joe: Hawaii" KING, Mon 10PM10.4/17
#27"Fear Factor" KING, Mon 8PM10.3/16
#28"24" KCPQ, Tue 9PM9.8/15
#29"The Lyons Den" KING, Sun 10PM9.7/18
#30T "Ed" KING, Wed 8PM9.6/15
#30T "That 70's Show" KCPQ, Wed 8PM9.6/16

*KING 5 has Nielsen records that date back to the November 1968 sweep.

Primetime ranking based on regular programming that ran at least six times during the 2003-04 season does not include sports or specials.

Primetime is defined as M-SA 8-11PM/SU 7-11PM for KING, KIRO and KOMO; and as M-SA 8-10PM/SU 7-10PM for KCPQ, KTWB, KSTW and KONG.

All newscast averages are for Monday-Friday airings unless otherwise noted.

Ratings data based on measurable in-home viewing statistics from the Seattle/Tacoma Designated Market Area (DMA) for the period of April 29, 2004 to May 26, 2004, as measured and defined by Nielsen Media Research.

Rating is percent of all homes with television watching a particular program; share is percent of homes with the television in use watching a particular program.

One household rating point equals approximately 16,850 homes in the Seattle/Tacoma DMA.

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