June 29, 2004

Belo companies to honor employees who reach 21-year anniversary milestone

In 1895, Colonel A. H. Belo surprised G. B. Dealey on the occasion of his 21st anniversary of working for the Company with an unusually nice gift a silver tea set. Dealey at that time had been the general manager of The Dallas Morning News for 10 years, following 11 years of service with the original newspaper, The Galveston Daily News. Colonel Belo believed that the 21st anniversary of employment mirrored an individual's 21st birthday as a "coming of age."

In his thank-you letter to his boss, G. B. Dealey acknowledged the concept. "Since I reached manhood and learned the meaning of responsibility," he wrote, "it has been my aim always to do the work assigned me with as much fidelity as if I owned the property."

The importance of the 21st anniversary was carried forward by Dealey himself when in 1906, he celebrated the 21st birthday of The Dallas Morning News by dedicating a club room and library to the company's employees. On that occasion, he also paid tribute to the founders of the paper with the words that are now inscribed on the front of The Dallas Morning News building:

They built [Build] The News upon the rock of truth and righteousness, conducting it always along the lines of fairness and integrity, and acknowledging the right of the people to get from the newspaper both sides of every important question.

The tradition of a special celebration of the 21st employment anniversary has been followed ever since at The Dallas Morning News and some of the original Belo companies. With our focus on people, we want to assure that this longstanding Belo tradition honoring 21-year employees is observed across the Company.

In 2004, Belo companies across the country will begin honoring employees who have reached this milestone. Each of these employees will receive a "21 Years" lapel pin and a crystal paperweight with the name and logo of the company for which they have worked. The paperweights will also be inscribed with the Belo logo and the words "21 Years."

Honoring the "coming of age" employment anniversary will carry on an important practice begun by our Company's founders. It will also pay tribute to employee loyalty, an asset that is becoming scarcer in today's marketplace. We can be very proud that the dedication of our employees enables us to continue this Belo tradition that is more than 100 years old.