November 18, 2004

Belo gives six employees greater responsibilities

(A note from Dennis Williamson, senior vice president and chief financial officer)

I wanted to let each of you know about some organizational changes that we've made here at corporate recently. With each of these changes, we are recognizing an individual who has made substantial contributions to the Company and who has demonstrated their ability to take on greater responsibilities.

Carey Hendrickson is adding corporate communications to his responsibility for investor relations. His new title is VP/Investor Relations & Corporate Communications. This is a logical consolidation as a number of the responsibilities within each of these areas overlap. Carey is a very capable executive and this change is only possible because of his leadership ability.

Bill Mosley is adding the corporate planning to his responsibility for media operations and analysis. His new title is VP/Financial Planning & Analysis. This action brings together two separate financial groups and will provide a more cohesive approach to our financial planning and analysis. Bill has earned the opportunity to lead this consolidated group of finance professionals through his commitment to, and many contributions on behalf of, the Company.

Brenda Maddox assumes the responsibility for tax matters, a responsibility that she previously held for over 10 years, in addition to her responsibilities in the treasury department. Her new title is VP/Treasurer & Tax. This change also provided an opportunity to promote Leslie Simmons from Senior Tax Analyst to Tax manager, a well-deserved promotion, joining Michelle Raskiewicz in that same capacity. All three of these individuals have made numerous contributions to the Company and make up a very solid team of professionals.

Marilyn Townsend adds responsibilities for supplier diversity and corporate events to her current responsibilities in corporate services. Her new title reflects a promotion to Director, Supplier Diversity & Corporate Services. Marilyn has done an exceptional job in the corporate services area, which includes travel and corporate special events. Adding these additional responsibilities reflects the professionalism that Marilyn has exhibited in every area for which she has had responsibility.

Dan Doggendorf adds the responsibilities for our network infrastructure and telecom initiatives to his current responsibilities for network security. His new title is Director, Enterprise Technology Infrastructure & Security. This is a logical consolidation of the Company's network architecture and related security.

I invite you to join me in congratulating each of these individuals as they accept their new responsibilities.