July 26, 2005

Access Belo Provides Convenience of Single Sign-on to Multiple Computer Applications Beginning July 28

Beginning this Thursday, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of accessing many of Belo's enterprise and Intranet applications using the Company's new single sign-on solution called Access Belo. Effective July 28 at all Belo locations, when you log-in using your employee ID and personal Intranet password to one of the following applications that you currently use -- Belo Intranet applications, Kronos, PeopleSoft Human Resources and Brightmail -- you will instantaneously have direct access to all of them. This includes direct access to all your Intranet records, such as your personal profile and Belo benefits information, without having to enter your user ID and password again.

Single sign-on access to PeopleSoft Financials and OSI will be added in August for current users of those applications at all locations. Access to the enterprise-wide active directory network will be phased in on a location-by-location basis from August through late 2006.

Having a single sign-on will mean you only have to use and remember one personal password. You will no longer have to log-in on multiple screens. You can navigate throughout the systems much more quickly. And, you can re-set your own password, eliminating the need to contact the Help Desk.

You will need to protect your personal password for this system just as carefully as you safeguard your PIN number for your ATM bank card and passwords for your online credit cards. Security features have been incorporated to help you protect access to confidential files, which includes your personal Belo information and other company files. As you log out of an application, a splash screen will appear, asking you to confirm whether you want to log off your single sign-on or not. The system will also have a time-out feature to log you off if the system has been idle too long.

Belo will also realize several other important operating and record-keeping benefits from these changes. As soon as Human Resources receives and processes the required Personal Action Forms (PAFs) for a new employee or for changes in a person's status, such as name, title, location, phone number or compensation change, all related records in Belo's computer network will be updated within approximately 15 minutes. This includes any related information in PBX telephone directories, and the Employee Directory and PeopleSoft Human Resources personal information and compensation systems on Belo's Intranet. In addition, when the company audits its financial recordkeeping security systems to comply with the new Sarbanes Oxley laws, this integrated information network will make the process much easier and more cost efficient to manage.

Access Belo's new single sign-on access capabilities, combined with fully integrated computer records that will soon apply to all Belo locations through the enterprise-wide directory network, should improve communications and help everyone work more efficiently.

For additional information please review our Access Belo user manual. If you have other questions about these changes, please contact your local HR manager, IT manager or Dan Doggendorf.