August 16, 2005

Access Belo Single Sign-on Being Modified

Belo's single sign-on online capability known as Access Belo is undergoing several modifications to address some systems capacity issues that have arisen. These upgrades should be completed by the end of August and will make logging in to Belo's computer systems a faster, more convenient process. Until these upgrades are completed, employees will need to continue to sign-on each time they access one of the applications they currently use, such as Belo Intranet applications, KRONOS, Employee Self-Service, Brightmail and PeopleSoft HR systems. Employees should follow their regular log-in procedures, using their employee ID and personal Intranet password.

Any questions or other needs related to logging in to Belo's computer systems should be directed to If additional assistance is needed, please contact Chris Baughn at or 214-977-2297.

All employees will be notified when Access Belo is re-launched enterprise-wide. Thank you for your understanding as these technical changes are made to improve the systems network for Belo's 26 media companies and corporate.