August 31, 2005

To all WWL-TV employees:

We are attempting to reach all WWL employees so that we can know where everyone is and do our best to communicate as much helpful information as possible. If you receive this and know of a way to reach others, please give us their contact information and forward this information to them.

Our main concern is determining how to keep in contact with you. You are not expected to report to work at this time. However, if possible, please email your manager to let them know where you are. Your manager will advise you as to current and short-term work assignments. Also, use the contact information below to let the Belo HR team keep track of you for further communications.

Your next ordinary pay date is Friday September 9. If you are currently paid by direct deposit, there is nothing that you need to do. Your pay will be deposited in the same manner as in the past. If you are paid by check, please contact us and let us know where to send your paycheck. See contact information below. If you are in the Baton Rouge area, we can send your paycheck to the station's temporary location at KLPB, the local Public Broadcasting Station in Baton Rouge.

For future information regarding pay and operations issues, please continue to monitor this site that has been set up for maintaining communications with all of our WWL employees.

It is impossible for your fellow employees across Belo to fully express our concern for you and your families at this time. This message is the beginning of an effort to do what we can to provide resources to help you in this time of need. To do that effectively, we need to establish the best way to stay in communication with you. Please let us know:

Where you are,
How you can best be reached by phone, e-mail or text message,
Special needs or concerns you may have,
Any messages we can relay to loved ones in other locations

Please contact Belo Benefits by e-mail <> or call 1-866-235-6236 with this information.

We'll do our best to answer your questions and meet your immediate needs. We have established an on-line site for WWL employees to communicate, share concerns, ask questions or just keep up to date. Go to For instructions on registering at this site, please click here.

In case you're not aware, WWL is broadcasting from the transmitter and facilities have been set-up at the PBS station, KLPB, in Baton Rouge to produce and broadcast news coverage. Except for a few hours on Monday and Tuesday night, WWL has provided continuous coverage of Katrina --something no other New Orleans station has been able to achieve.

WWL is #1 for a reason ---- its people. We can't express enough our appreciation for what you do and, most importantly, our concern for each of you and your family at this time.

Please stay in touch and call, e-mail or text message the information requested above. Also, please give us information on other employees you may know of.

We'll do what we can to help. Our thoughts are with you.