June 20, 2007

KMOV-TV Wins Top PROMAX Award for Diversity Awareness Partnership

St. Louis, MO - KMOV-TV and Promotion Writer/Producer Tom Rogers have been recognized with a national PROMAX Award honoring a local PSA for "Diversity Awareness." The Promax Gold Medallion, presented at the organization's annual conference in New York, is the highest honor for promotion professionals across all electronic media.

Promax is the world wide association of entertainment marketers, promoters, and designers representing more than 500 TV stations and all major broadcast and cable networks from the US as well as 3,000 members in 70 countries.

The Diversity Awareness PSA featured prominent St. Louis athletes promoting the value of diversity in the St. Louis region. In 2000 KMOV-TV, along with the Rams, Cardinals, and Blues launched the Diversity Awareness Partnership (DAP) and have worked over the years to unite more than 100 organizations in an effort to reduce bias and discrimination and to promote the value of inclusion and tolerance in St. Louis.