January 14, 2008

WVEC-TV13 Becomes First in Hampton Roads to Deliver Every Newscast, Presented in Digital Widescreen

Norfolk, VA -- WVEC-TV13 is the first to deliver every newscast, presented in digital widescreen.

"Studio and field cameras, graphic elements, etc. are now seen in a widescreen (16x9) aspect ratio which matches the screens on high definition television sets...," said Director of Technology John Dolive, WVEC-TV13. "The widescreen picture is available to viewers who watch WVEC-TV13 directly off air on channel 13.1, on Cox Cable on channel 713, on Verizon FiOS on channel 813, and news video on WVEC.COM," Dolive added.

"As the penetration of HD sets continues to climb, this was a logical progression for 13NEWS." said President and General Manager Nick Nicholson, WVEC-TV13. "We have been broadcasting much of ABC prime time programming like Grey's Anatomy and Lost in high definition (HD) which is in a 16 x 9 widescreen format, and last year we started broadcasting Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy in HD. While 13NEWS is being produced in standard definition, I believe those viewers watching on HD sets will appreciate the new widescreen presentation. WVEC-TV13 is proud to be the first in the market to take this step, delivering quality content in its enhanced look," Nicholson added.

"Each week, the 13NEWS team will be delivering 31 hours of content." said Executive News Director Rich Lebenson, 13NEWS. "That doesn't happen without a lot of hard work and planning behind the scenes. Our viewers watching us in standard (4X3) will continue to receive our best efforts, while viewers who are ready now with 16x9 sets can experience Hampton Roads news in a new way," Lebenson added.