July 30, 2008

Al Dia Triples Circulation

DALLAS, TX (July 30, 2008) Today The Dallas Morning News launched the already-announced expanded distribution of its Spanish-language newspaper Al Dia. An additional 80,000 copies of Al Dia will be distributed to homes across the greater Dallas area every Wednesday and Saturday, effectively tripling Al Dia's previous circulation of 40,000.

The expansion of Al Dia's distribution is in response to North Texas' ever-growing Spanish-speaking population and the increased demand for Spanish-language news and information.

Al Dia's increased distribution also provides an avenue for advertisers who want to target the Latino community and Spanish-speaking consumers a segment of the population that continues to grow in importance for many local retailers.

"This is a very aggressive move by Al Dia to better serve its consumers and advertisers. Tripling our circulation while others are shrinking theirs demonstrates our commitment to serve the growing Latino community in North Texas," said Alejandro Sanchez Sobrino, publisher of Al Dia.

Cyndy Carr, senior vice president for niche publications, said, "Al Dia's advertising partners want more from the newspaper more reach, more value, more of the potential customers that they value most. Tripling our circulation responds to those needs."

The Dallas Morning News has partnered with American Circulation Innovations to manage Al Dia's expansion. ACI specializes in targeted distribution and employs state-of-the-art product technology to ensure accurate and effective delivery. They have been in business since 1965 and distribute publications in dozens markets. ACI will also handle distribution responsibilities for The News' new product Briefing, planned for launch in late-August.

According to ACI's, Ken Higdon Vice President of Business Development "We are pleased and honored that Al Dia named us the distribution provider for this important initiative. They recognized our experience and the leading edge technologies we have to carry out their expanded circulation project, tools like GPS, devices for geofencing, sophisticated demographic analysis and proven hands-on experience with tight supervision and verifiers. These were all critical in us being selected for distributing Al Dia."

Key advertisers have applauded this move. Quoting a leading print media buying service, Mr. Trevor Hansen, president and CEO of Ethnic Print Media Group, said "EPMG is looking forward to the expansion of Al Dia's distribution in the Dallas market. The circulation increase and free home delivery will be a great asset to both our pre-print and traditional ROP clients. Al Dia's overall quality, strong content and increased market penetration provides an attractive and strong reach in the Dallas market."

Al Dia's expanded distribution will serve the community by providing outstanding, award winning journalism to a much larger segment of the population and extended reach and value to advertisers," added Sanchez.

About Al Dia

Al Dia, the only local Spanish-language daily newspaper in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, is published Monday to Saturday and is the recipient of numerous awards for excellence in journalism, along with its Web site, aldiatx.com. Al Dia is published by The Dallas Morning News, the flagship subsidiary of A. H. Belo Corp., (NYSE: AHC), a news and information company that owns and operates four daily newspapers and 12 associated Web sites. A. H. Belo publishes special issues that target young adults and the Hispanic market, along with Quick and Al Dia in Dallas-Fort Worth, and La Prensa in Riverside.