April 15, 2011

KGW NewsChannel 8 Receives 19 Emmy Nominations

Belo station earns more nominations than all other Portland competitors

PORTLAND, OR - KGW NewsChannel 8 was nominated for 19 Emmy awards by the Northwest chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) in a competition that includes the Seattle market. KGW NewsChannel 8 was nominated for more awards than all other Portland commercial television stations combined.

The nominations for outstanding work spanned every aspect of television journalism including overall station excellence. Nominations for news reporting demonstrated the station's commitment to breaking news coverage, team coverage, and continuing coverage as well as outstanding work in daily reporting in multiple topic areas. In the categories of best evening news and news special, KGW NewsChannel 8 earned more than one nomination in the category. KGW NewsChannel 8's creative services team was recognized with two nominations.

Details of each of the award nominations are below:

Station Excellence
KGW; D J Wilson, President/General Manager

Morning/Daytime News (Markets 21-80)
Aumsville Tornado - The Morning After.KGW.Wiley Post, Producer

Evening News (Markets 21-80)
The Aumsville Tornado.KGW.Kara Genett, Producer

The Tree-Lighting Bomb Plot.KGW.Kerry Arndt, Producer

Mount St. Helens: 30 Years Later.KGW.Gina Zandy, Producer

Breaking News
Covering the Twister.KGW.Rod Gramer, Executive News Director

Team Coverage
Tree Lighting Bomb Plot.KGW.Rod Gramer, Executive News Director

Spot News
Another Day in Paradise.KGW.Keely Chalmers, Reporter. Mike Galimanis, Photographer

Shamrock Fire.KGW.Mike Benner, Reporter. Jon Gudgel, jgudgel@kgw.com

Continuing Coverage
Kyron Horman: The Search Goes On.KGW.Rod Gramer, Executive News Director

News Special
Missing But Not Forgotten.KGW.Aaron Weiss, Producer

Tree Lighting Bomb Plot.KGW.Kerry Arndt, Producer

General Assignment Report - Within 24 Hours
I'll Miss That Oak.KGW.Anne Yeager, Reporter. Kurt Austin, Photographer

Oh My God It's Pie.KGW.Joe Smith, Business Reporter. Kurt Austin, Photographer

Environment News
Grant McOmie - Environmental Reporter.KGW-TV.Grant McOmie, Environmental Reporter

A Dangerous High?.KGW.Anne Yeager, A Dangerous High?

Coaching the Game of Life.KGW.Katherine Cook, Reporter. Jon Gudgel, Photographer

Promotion - News Promo Campaign
KGW NewsChannel 8- "Where the News Comes First" .KGW. Brenda Buratti, Creative Services Director/Programming

Community/Public Service (PSA's) Campaign
KGW Great Toy Drive.KGW.Brenda Buratti, Creative Services Director/Programming

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